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Understanding Cyber War

cyber war

Understanding Cyber War

Cyberwarfare is the application of cyber attacks to disrupt the normal functioning of a country, causing similar damage to that of actual military conflict and/or interfering with critical computer systems. There’s significant debate over whether or not such a thing actually exists, and what the definition of cyber warfare actually is. However, there is one thing that we do know, and that’s that it is being used against us. That is the reason why we need to take these cyber threats seriously, and work to protect ourselves from them. In fact, if you are not already taking cyber threats seriously, I would have to say that you are not doing yourself any favors by continuing to read.

Just consider some of the cyber warfare that currently exists today. A recent high-profile case involved the arrest of an Egyptian citizen who hacked into US defense contractor accounts. He was also accused of attempting to hack into Pres. Obama’s personal email server. In both cases, the accused hackers caused a great deal of financial damage to not only the United States government, but to many private entities as well. While no physical damage was done in either case, it does represent a significant breach of one’s security.

Now, let’s take this argument a step further. Can we actually define cyber war? And if so, how do we know when and if it is happening? Many people see cyber warfare simply as the creation of cyber-weapons, which can be used against another nation or even individual human beings. This can certainly be true, but it overlooks the fact that cyber war is also an act of war.

What exactly is cyber war? For all we know, it might just be the next phase in the development of weaponry that could end up targeting US citizens with a weaponized virus or some other attack vector. But what we do know is that cyber war has already been happening for quite some time. It has even spilled over into traditional First Amendment law thanks to the Manning case, and we’ve seen it in action on the Internet with” SWAT teams” going after suspects thought to be engaged in online piracy.

So what is cyber war? It is a war that is waged between two parties that are not physical entities; that is, they are not government agencies or departments. It is a war of the mind, or more accurately, a war of mental power. The goal of these hackers and others is to gain access to the collective thinking of another country or group of individuals. They are trying to manipulate, subvert, or destroy the strength of the United States government.

As this cyber warfare occurs, we have our elected representatives worrying about the cyber-war issues. They are aware that the attacks could come from our military or our law enforcement. There are hearings on Capitol Hill concerning this very issue. Naturally, the concern is not only terrorist organizations using the Internet to carry out their attacks, but the private sector and ordinary citizens as well.

One thing we need to understand is that cyber war does not necessarily involve the U.S. S. Department of Defense or the American military, but it is much more powerful than that. Just consider the following; when someone breaks into a car and takes off with the car keys, the car has been “cyberized.” In this case the car has gone from “unattached” to attached to someone’s mind through the Internet, which makes it possible for the car to be driven without the owner’s knowledge or control.

Cyber war is here to stay, as the governments of the world will continue to use cyber war against their neighbors in order to gain power and resources. It is important that we understand what cyber war is, how it works, and why it is occurring. We need to determine what the goals are of the hackers, and if they are worthy of the power the United States government is willing to provide them with. Only then will we be able to defeat them, rather than allowing them to defeat us.